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Memories through time (written 17 November, 1983)

Memories through time, (written 17 November, 1983)

by Pat Grabham


Neither man or beast can destroy one, for only The Creator in His infinite love and divine wisdom could truly do that, and of course He never would or has. Although for an hour, a few minutes, or at times even years, man - woman’s inhumanity can seemingly utterly destroy a life, we would say with great truth, the soul never can be destroyed.

It can, and does indeed get down to a truly dreadful state, but always beyond doubt, one day every soul becomes aware at some point of an inner need, a longing, a dream perhaps not even known to itself, but which is ‘pure spirit’, for that small part of man – woman is Divine. Although only at times alas does it seem to show in some, but nothing can ever take that part of God Himself away because that belongs to The Trinity and never can it be broken. It can lose contact, fail to meet, but only until that particular person’s soul has remembered in quite some considerable degree, divine love, intuition, spiritual aspirations, whereupon that part of divinity within grows, gathers in strength, in love, in wisdom, in realisation, and in so doing that small part becomes a great part of that gigantic whole which encompasses and is The Creator.

The more that soul now reaches up high, more light does it truly see, and wisdom, intelligence, compassion too, becomes at once a part of him – her, that will forever stay like flowers on a beautiful lake, so calm and still for ever more.

That soul searches back into its mind and deep within its soul to that Source from whence it came and that hunger, so it is released, and always does that soul look for more food - for that very Essence of life of that Divine Godhead, and so towards that time long ahead when The Father and it are One, as with the rest of those great wise beings whose devotion, care, love and compassion for all things, human, animal, vegetable, mineral, and for the whole fabric of life itself has, and will be, that bridge which leads to Eternity, which is you know a magnet, just as was planned and so ordained, for that soul will never quite be at peace till that wheel of rebirth has ceased, and it is now free of those unseen chains, and a part of and at One with that Great Cosmic Sphere, and whereupon at that person’s stage of great spiritual enlightenment, attunement, it has and does, hold all life in its hands in pure and perfect love towards all life.

To the very biggest as it would seem to others, and to the very tiniest particle - element of all, for all are there to be loved, and so those animals, trees, and the very grass itself, all hum with incredible beauty, for all are encompassed in utter love and harmony, and within such great love, you know, all other spirits so too they progress and grow, change, and take on all those aspects that The Godhead has devised in His Plan, His Dream from oh, so long ago.

It is true, that the worlds are changing - raising their vibrations, especially Gaia at last, as that Wheel of Divinity reaches ever higher and higher just as was pre-destined. The higher and more enlightened spiritual ones, so they prepare the way into virgin territory, thus setting new paths for others who have not reached their higher consciousness and realisation, and so, as the Worlds themselves peel back their layers which have remained hidden for far too long, new heights and goals are accessible which The Creator had made available for us all, and you know, so very many have reached Nirvana, that place that is Eternity, but they stop not and forget the rest for why else did they succeed in arriving Home again.

For you know, once we all lived in Nirvana or Paradise, and a time most certainly will come when all - everything has returned back home again, back to that Godhead from whence we all came, and never will that soul then slip back again, for would you, if you could see – say - I’ll take that path of darkness, when instead there is that Great White Light of Eternity, of God Himself, no, you would not, and so, one day, that is what all man - woman, each and every one will see - that Whole Panorama of Galaxies and Worlds within Worlds, each one lending itself to ever greater awareness, understanding and peace which surpasses anything experienced by that returning soul, for upon arriving Home, Home has risen ever more to yet seemingly unknown heights, depths, and so joyously and with eager expectation, the soul prepares itself for new and yet more wonderful journeys beyond distance or time, for time has ceased to exist, it is but memories of long ago, of far off places and peoples which are as real to it then for that soul is now conscious of the purpose and plans of its destiny, and is now at last able to let go knowing that all those pathways undertaken and experienced have led to this moment – for now the Apex of the Pyramid has been reached and those memories which had been hidden for so long are in full remembrance, and that has been the goal of so many life-times and journeys through the pathways of its soul.

Pat Grabham

17 November 1983

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Each man, woman, must steer their own ship (written 4 November, 1983)

Each man, woman, must steer their own ship
(written 4 November, 1983)
By Pat Grabham

Each man, woman, must steer their own ship, ride the crest of each wave, as they return to that Divine Godhead from whence they came; albeit a long and laborious and at times a painful journey set in so many incarnations, in so many different spheres of times, countries, continents – so much of which is steeped in history, that if they were allowed to see all of themselves, they would indeed get a great cultural shock.

Was I that man, woman, child? Yes, I remember that time so well as if it were yesterday, but how long was that – 300 years – 700 years, but I can see exactly who and what I was and what influences played an important part in my life, or on my soul’s development one could say.

How fascinating to see back into my past at my then hopes and dreams, sadness and sorrow, laughter and tears, and how I have changed so these last few lives, and now I seem to have nothing in common with that person, 300 years ago. If it was not shown to me here with that Divine Presence by my side I would never have believed that was me.

Surely we must all learn to be less dogmatic in our opinions, less forceful in our approach, and the willing recipient of change, of progress, of spiritual growth, for this latter must and has to change or we would be back in the dark ages once more, but what a joy when this is realised, those limitless possibilities and probabilities of all manner of life unveiling before one’s very eyes, even as now I tread the Earth; I, I am glad to say am a captive spectator, listener, and nothing is too much trouble to try to understand, to learn and thus grow, for all of those dreams go to my very soul, and which even I am as yet not fully aware, but you in your Infinite Wisdom and Divine Intelligence know me much more than I at times seem to know myself, and so it surely comes as no surprise my beloved friends at the way I have reacted to everything.

To being aware, to knowing you are there has indeed added to my inner peace and contentment, and given me so many more spiritual aspirations which needed a jolt or two I feel for they had become hidden and were not so prevalent as now, but how I thank you one and all for the patience and love of unselfish devotion to help me and my soul – the two of which are so entwined, on its way back to that Source of all Life and power, peace and love – of perfect harmony, at one with it all, in tune to the tiniest movement that exists, and up towards that affinity with the highest and greatest goals of all, aims, hopes, aspirations of perfect at-one-ment with The Father, as from now surely so it must be, for to take a backward step cannot now happen, and so my path is set is it not, following those wise ones from long, long ago, and who possibly have been with me over many lives helping and inspiring, leading and testing, as onward my soul it has grown; sometimes perhaps taking forever to break free from chains that held me, although always I know you had faith or belief or whatever you would call it – in myself becoming ‘attuned’ eventually.

Is it not so my friends, all of us owe you and spirits like you so much more than can possibly at this stage even be thought let alone put into words, and your joy is the realisation that yet another soul has reached a certain stage, and how I know that warms all your hearts, just as it does mine, and through all the many spheres of life hereafter may I follow you, as somehow I know God and you are one, just as you’ve been from the beginning, worlds without end, and we would have it no other way.

Thank you, amen.

Pat Grabham

14 November, 1983.

The shadows flee from the Sun - Rescue has come (written 15 September, 1998)

The shadows flee from the Sun – Rescue has come
(written 15 September, 1998).
By Pat Grabham

The shadows flee from the Sun – Rescue has come; forget the lessons of the past, the soul has passed its test - finished work on itself at last?

The future beckons brightly, the road ahead was not given lightly; those gems of the soul which did make one so low – the dark night has ended, its time now to move on, to begin that awakening, the way Home has begun.

Time has no meaning, even though life itself cried out screaming, for just as those Drops so they fell, the moment when work awaits, one cannot tell.

Each step up, which is in effect a step back, has arrived on one’s doorstep, it is so definitely there, you can go forward without a care.

The pathway is revealed having been so long sealed, the mists of time have evaporated, the veils themselves lifted, all is as was planned by time itself when spoke we last.

What more can be said – except its time to move ahead, forget those feelings of lead, be not sad.


Pat Grabham

15 September, 1998.


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Orien (written 20 December, 1987)

Orien - (written 20 December, 1987)
By Pat Grabham

Orien smiled with eyes full of welcome and love. Yes, his beloved Isabel was at last home. They had only been apart for a little while, and though he had much to do for the World was still in its infancy, still he missed his twin flame for they were the left and right of each other. They were but one of the Dual Ray Children who had been breathed forth from their father Aaron and his twin flame Evette, these two being in fact the first off-spring from outside the Trinity of The Father-Mother-Son. Orien had two brothers born in a similar way at the same time and these were his dearly loved brother Amon and Amon’s twin flame Alicia. The third set of their closely knit family was Elinas and his twin flame Ellerna.

The evolution of the Earth was set in motion and the planets beyond their planet the Sun were also evolving and growing, indeed the course was set as had been determined by The Father-Mother-God.

It felt good to be a part of the beginning of time and much thought and application went into each new step – idea – project, for everything was important, even the smallest detail was relevant, for all the pieces had to meet to form the perfect whole.

From the Sun had they been breathed forth, and as humanity would come into being, so too would they initially evolve from within the essence of the Sun itself, and one day in aeons ahead they would return to the Golden Sun after their innumerable cycles of life had been completed, but that thought Orien was a very long time in the future. In the meantime, the stars and planets and newly created galaxies would all grow and evolve, and as time went on, would have their own life systems therein. Indeed it was one of Orien’s tasks in the ages to come to give hope and inspiration to souls as they travelled between the Earth, mortal – material world, and during their journeys to the Heavens beyond Earth, for he would be the Guardian of the Heavenly World, indeed he held the keys to Paradise, for within his essence was the Golden World of God and the Gateway to Eternity; that freedom from death and re-birth for each Heaven beyond the earthly one was more beautiful and bountiful, and as future incoming spirits – souls would dream, so would it be, for thought would become reality.

Indeed there was no limit, for within the Mind of the Creator so many beautiful plans lay like an unopened bud waiting for the warmth of love and spirituality to enable one by one, each of its petals to open, as this would be the way for incarnating souls, who unbeknown to them yet would have many beautiful journeys as they branched out and found their feet, and in doing went where the inspiration – need would take them, and even though the roads would yield many different fruits, all was necessary, for during the evolution of the Worlds, man and woman, combined with the rest of the Solar Systems and Galaxies, would have to return deep within their very essence to that moment in the very beginning of time, when God The Father-Mother breathed forth Light, Wisdom and Knowledge in its very fullness.

This was The Creator’s purpose and plan for the evolvement of life that each atom, seed, in the duration of its long journeys one day would remember in its innermost being its heritage and roots, and in so doing strive with eagerness and love to return home to The Father-Mother-Son, and where life had started from for the evolution of the planetary systems. Indeed in the beginning there had always been God The Father-Mother-Son but complete as it was - The Creator decided He wanted each spark – particle of His Being – Essence to become complete in its own time, in other words, separate, but at-one with His very Essence, so that unlimited were and would be the avenues open to each life-spark, for time would be no barrier, death no cessation; birth and death would be part of the circle – wheel of life, and in between the states of consciousness would be refreshment, a time to assess and re-discover, a place where new dreams could be dreamt and always would there be God’s Masters to inspire and guide humanity on its journeys through the levels of awareness between that which was Divine and that which was of the Earth.

It was a time of much expectation, planning, and joyfulness, and Orien, together with his beloved Isabel were but some of the chosen deities to help to illumine and expand the spiritual consciousness of incarnating egos.

The heat of the Sun was beautiful and a great tonic, but due to the condition – nature of their Divinity, it was not as it would appear to the Earth World in many many ages later, for their bodies were not made of flesh and bones but were of a substance of pure spirit which would take the mortal world a very long time to evolve upwards to that level, for as the life of humanity would progress, always would there be one or another of these Cosmic beings, who by their very spirituality, would illumine the souls of others who would endeavour to aspire to their heights.


Centuries and more centuries would pass, and time would cease to be relevant, and still such illumined beings or others from other planets who had evolved, also, would take on coats of skin and return to the grosser material worlds to walk amongst men, so that yes, in those early days of the World’s birth, the Deities and Angels did truly walk amongst the newly incarnating souls, and it was for a very long time, a place where there was no darkness, only the Light of the Spirit which pervaded and permeated all the Spheres.

But as always the time came when certain souls with the knowledge which they had acquired wanted power, and greed became their food, and so gradually the Great Ones retreated, still leaving here and there a Cosmic being, but to all intents and purposes they had withdrawn, but these Cosmic ones were just beyond the range of the Earth World, and like today, now, they remained waiting to shed Light, Love and Truth to those who sought and today seek the Kingdom of Heaven which is both within and without.

To go back to Orien’s reflection, there was much to do now and excitement was in the air, for he with his beloved Isabel – on the instruction of his father Aaron, were to go to a newly formed planet of the Cosmos and oversee the newly incarnating souls who would be receptive to the higher teachings, for they were of the White Light and had a great destiny to help in the development and evolvement of the Kingdoms which were to come.

Although Orien and Isabel were to go to the planet – Orton, his brother and sister Amon and Alicia were going to oversee another planet in the solar system called Centenna, and his other brother and sister Elinas and Ellerna were going to stay with their father-mother Aaron and Evette, and help them gather together life, and help in its formation. But they were able to keep in touch, for with their concentration of thought power, they could hear as well as see their immediate family, and indeed the planes beyond the world of pure spirit were visible to them, for they could be anywhere in but a moment of time; where they willed to be, so could they arrive. This they took for granted, for there had never been another way, and it was like breathing, and many times did they send each other messages and asked for opinions in their various tasks to be undertaken.

Time carried on and by now the Worlds around the Heavens were filled with a mixture of life, each planet having its own matter and being able to inter-penetrate the different spheres, so that life was like a vast computer wherein communication was possible, and indeed made, with thoughts and ideas transmitted and love given.

Once again, due to man’s greed for the ultimate keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, the barriers and veils became more dense, so that only the enlightened spirits were able to travel beyond and through to the planes of greater Light and translucency, where even the waves of light, colour and energy were finely pulsating with a different kind of vibration and rhythm.

In those early days tunics and flowing garments were worn, full of an assortment of colours bright and beautiful, and a joy to look at. Everywhere there was colour and laughter, although not as the Earth world today would understand, for everything seemed to sing; each atom in being had its own note which it gave off, and so too the flowers and trees, streams, bird life, all gave off their own notes of harmony.

Each planet had its own tone and rate of vibration, colour, sounds, and character essence; so also the context – content of its life evolving and evolved was unique to each planet – plane of being. Cosmic beings walked, lived, talked, and taught upon each of these planets – thus did early life evolve and continue.


Pat Grabham (written 20 December, 1987)


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I stand at the threshold of the past (written some years ago)

I stand at the threshold of the past
(written some years ago)
By Pat Grabham 


I stand at the threshold of the past, yet not so, the present is now, yet the future is the past – all is as one – time has no relevance to my old soul and the souls of my Dhuman family.

I see those aspects all too infrequent, and how my soul misses all that once was, but at that right time, no barrier will exist – just that oneness between me and them – my family from the beginning of time.

My Circle does not weep for me, just I for it, for it is a far off memory of dreams fulfilled of ages past, and of my heritage and my homeland; long have I journeyed away from that place and people who are at one with all that I am, since that time in those days of old, when we all were at one in perfect harmony with the Sun.

The Sun enveloped us daily in its brightness and love, illuminating us in our thoughts, hopes and deeds.



Pat Grabham

Some years ago.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Pain of Separation - written 1997

The Pain of Separation - written 27 December 1997
Channelled through Pat Grabham
The pain of separation extends far beyond the boundaries of time, it is endless, incomparable and is without limit.  

The hands of time slowly travel round ‘the separation’ – nothing is really complete – full – satisfied, only a whisper from the past reminds me of what once was, for time has to travel its allotted span of life, indeed nothing else will suffice, no yearning or wish, hope or dream will quicken the wakening of its return, but one day in that far off time, the wheels of my destiny will be such that having returned home to my twin flame, The Ray Children too, no pain of separation will exist for I am whole; the past has caught up with the present and life has ran its course, the future in tandem beckons as side by side, hand in hand we work together – each one more complete for the journey of life has indeed been a long one, but now a different horizon appears, a new direction takes place, and yes at last no separation exists, for my wheel of life has run its course and a new and different pattern of life (and death) proceeds before us both, and it is as if the centuries roll back their pain, the memories of separation cease to exist, be remembered; it is as if we never left home, for we are as we once were and as The Father intended us so to be, so together with our fellow Ray Children, once more do we walk hand in hand, side by side, and it is as if we have never been away, for such is the power, strength, love and completeness – that once again we are transported to that Golden Age when we are as we were in the Dawn of Time, but having been aware of a pain and suffering without the other, which has seeped into our very souls – our joy and happiness at being reunited transcends time itself.


27 December 1997

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Forget-me-not my friend - I AM Archangel Michael

Forget-me-not my friend – I AM Archangel Michael

Forget-me-not my friend – I AM Archangel Michael, for as you know we go back to those very early days when we lived within the Radiance of the Spiritual Sun. Our lives then were very much entwined, for your Ray and Mine complimented each others’ beautifully; the blues were stunning and their vibrations and hues were adored by all.

Over the many aeons of time, as Earth life began very much later, the closeness we shared became a vague memory, but during your many dreams and higher astral travelling we have met again on a regular basis. This has brought you to where you are now my dear one – able to acknowledge that great love, bond and affinity we have shared. You as a Ray Child and I, with my own Legions of Light – we do indeed go back aeons to when the worlds were new and innocent.

Many more Archangels came into being long after the few of us from those far off days, until, today, we are vast in numbers; great is our pathway we have been given to assist all life, both divine, human, and all aspects of existence in all the many worlds and planes of being.

As you absorb and concentrate on my Blue Flame, and as I hold the Flame of Truth, Protection and Love aloft, it is there freely available with great love to all, for I am but a thought away, a prayer, a dream.

Each person has their own special relationship with me and my other Archangels, just as each person’s note sounds on the ether with their own unique vibration, so too is our personal love and connection, emotions - are there as the Earth’s energies are greatly enhanced, Gaia releases its bonds which have held the children of Earth behind those veils of rebirth.

Yes, dearest one, even Gaia now needs to set free its children, to enable her to ascend, as was always envisaged many aeons ago.

The Ray of Origin plays an important and essential part in a soul’s many incarnations as it journeys through space and time, through other spheres of being, as that vibration and blueprint has a major part to play in that soul’s incarnation.

Try and remember those times we so lovingly spent together so long ago as we were bathed in the Radiance of the Spiritual Sun; the Sun enveloped us in those Great Rays of the Creator, and we heard the Voice of the Godhead, talked and communicated with God The Father-Mother-Son, and you, as did others, listened and were made aware of your destiny as the aeons would unfold into future ages.

It is time now my beloved one to take up that mantle and to go forward in remembrance to that which was chosen by The Creator for you as a child of the Aquamarine Ray and Circle.

Hear in your day and night my words as I imprint them onto and into your consciousness, so that the roads ahead are not lonely for I walk by your side today as I have through the many centuries, and yes, into those very early years in our beloved Ancient Atlantis and Venus.

I AM Archangel Michael.

4 April, 2014.

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The Fallen Angel

The Fallen Angel - Channelled through Pat Grabham

Mekichievk was so unhappy for he had been very stupid and careless and had not carried out his duties to perfection as did all the other angels.

His face was without its customary warmth for he was feeling that he had failed himself and God and all his friends and loved ones in the angelic kingdom. He had cried to himself and had seemed to do so for a very long time; he was feeling so upset and felt all the other angels must be talking about him and his fall from grace.

He was really quite a young angel and it had been his task to assist his superior angel in charge of his particular group; he had to watch and wait and show great patience and see that no harm would come to the earth being under his charge, for he, just like earth people had to evolve upwards to yet more perfection, and this therefore, had been a test for him and he had failed.

At this thought he again felt tears come to his eyes and roll down his face; I am so ashamed he thought and so weak. His superior angel was called Naeroma and he had been under his wing for not that long really measured by earth time, and Naeroma had over this period of time given him valuable tasks to do, testing him, and he had it seemed passed all of them until now.

The problem was this last time he had to come into the atmosphere of Earth – nearer than he had ever been before, and the vibrations were much more darker than he was used to and so it had been quite a difficult task.

As he had drawn nearer to the Earth’s vibration, he had felt more and more unease for that Light of the spiritual realms seemed far behind him and even though he knew other spiritual beings were with him, just as in the actual moment of dying, he had felt it was only him.

He had come down and had observed and listened to what was happening and had seen his particular charge and this was a man by the name of Charles, and he had been with Charles as he had gone hither and thither, for he was a silent but powerful shadow of protection, at least that was what he had been meant to be.

Charles was a happy, jolly person and had lots of friends and was surrounded by gaiety. He was in his middle fifties and was quite heavily built with brown eyes and a healthy complexion. He had a loud voice with a hearty laugh and Mekichievk had thought how exciting to help to look after an earth being but as he realised more of what it entailed his fears, worries, and uncertainties had come to the front of his consciousness.

Naeroma had such a dazzling light and at different moments seemed to be bathed in different colours, and his eyes were a bright sparkling blue, and he had such a wonderful expression that he was dearly loved.

Naeroma had been an angel for a very very long time and although Mekichievk did not know too many details he knew enough to know that there was a long way he had to go.

All the different angels had a variety of tasks – some were involved with planets other than the Earth; some with different solar systems and so on and so on – some involved with the animal and vegetable kingdoms; so many different paths did the angelic beings walk in their chosen path of being God’s helpers and co-workers.

It was till today Mekichievk thought, a time of such happiness; yes there had been a few times when he knew he could have done better but they all said to him he was learning very well.

Everyone upon the Earth plane had a Guardian Angel who guarded and protected his or her charge. It was the Guardian Angel’s job and role in life to be always there whenever his or her charge was in need of help, love and protection, but these angelic beings did much more than guard and protect; they – depending on what role God had entrusted them with, had many different duties and the angelic kingdoms were beautiful beyond imagination – for light, colour, music, was the key note, and such was the love generated that when certain of the human beings came into their levels of vibration, they were overcome with joy and delight – for it was just like a dream that they had had in their far distant memory and so when they saw that their dreams were true they felt so elated and rejuvenated that great was the light they too gave forth – for Light gives back Light, inspiration – inspiration, and love – yet more love and so on.

Many Earth people mingled with the angelic beings unbeknown tough to their consciousness when sleep overcame their earth bodies and many met up with their Guardian Angels and angelic helpers, and many spiritual journeys and discussions took place to the delight and happiness of all, for the two worlds of Heaven and Earth were truly as one.
Naeroma had given Mekichievk the task of looking after Charles and being with him, not watching his every movement, for in but a fraction of a second the angelic beings could be anywhere in any particular dimension of time and as the Earth vibration was of a lower frequency – all could be seen in a kind of slow motion long before it actually happened on the Earth plane.

It so happened that Mekichievk was at that particular time extra close to the Earth; he knew his co-workers were with him but he felt alone for he knew this was his sole responsibility and how worried he was.

He was almost afraid to leave Charles unattended in that he looked at other things but when he knew that all the angelic beings did so many things all at the same time, he gradually became able to switch off as it were and carry on with his other duties of helping and listening, learning and growing.

Quite a lot of Earth time seemed to pass and still Mekichievk was looking after Charles.

All went well at first and perhaps in retrospect Mekichievk thought he had become complacent but he had not recognised that fact. Charles was often seeing this person or that and he used to enjoy a drink. Although Charles was usually good and did not drink much and drive, there came one particular time when Charles was feeling extra happy – he had had a good day at the office and the evening had been great fun. He had met a super young lady who had seemed to enjoy his company; she was in her early forties and was very attractive and smart, and Charles had a special fondness for blonds and Pamela was blond with blue eyes – quite sophisticated but was divorced and Charles had felt an expectation – who knew what the future would hold.

Pamela refused a lift but Charles was not worried for he had her telephone number and knew she came into this pub at least once a week; giving her a light kiss on the cheek and saying something outrageous which made her laugh and also his friends, Charles, with lots of laughter and talk walked to his waiting car.

He felt on a high somehow tonight, a feeling of anticipation, expectation was in the air and he felt the best he had in ages, for yes, he had had more than his fair share of relationships, good, bad and just indifferent.

Humming under his breath Charles started his car, which was a Rover, and within a few moments he was soon on his way home. He had not many miles to travel and knew this road like the back of his hand. His mind went over the day’s events, the laughter and expectancy of this evening and he fell into a kind of silent contemplation – his mind wandered and suddenly it came as a shock to him to see another car coming nearer than it should be and to his horror he realised he had steered his car a little too much into the on-coming lane and though with great shock he pulled on his brakes, it was too late and the car hit his car and he blacked out.

Little did he know the other car driver was ok but greatly concerned at his condition; the car was badly damaged and Charles died.

Amid all the commotion and noise his funeral took place and many people were there. The other car driver was in a state of shock for a long time, even though it was not his fault, but gradually life returned to its normal pattern for the Earth people.

But Mekichievk felt such guilt, had be been responsible for Charles’s death – what more could he have done?

After suffering for what seemed an eternity, Naeroma called Mekichievk and said that although Mekichievk had thought he had complete responsibility this was not really so, for Naeroma and other spiritual beings were fully aware of Charles’s state of mind, and although Mekichievk saw no one of his co-workers, they were there behind a veil; so Naeroma said to Mekichievk not to upset himself any more, for it was just this particular ending Charles was destined to have, for he had chosen it for reasons which were very deep and involved, and so although it was true that Mekichievk’s mind and attention had wandered he would have learnt a valuable lesson, and nothing that had not been ordained to happen – happened, for fate plays its hand in many ways Naeroma lovingly told Mekichievk, and so he must not be upset any more for he had not hurt anyone.

With that, Mekichievk’s face broke into such happiness and tears of joy came to his eyes, his dearly beloved Naeroma had forgiven him; he was with them all once more in happiness but sad that for Charles the end had come, but really Mekichievk thought Charles will be so happy here in the spirit realms and I know what I’ll do, I will go and wait near him so that when he wakes up after his sleep he will see me and truly believe in angels.

With that thought Mekichievk went happily on his way and waited, oh - so patiently for Charles to wake up - which eventually he did, and he was truly amazed and happy to see an angel by his side when opening his eyes.

Only then did Mekichievk truly feel that he was no longer the fallen angel, and that made him eternally grateful and happy, never again will I be so absent minded he thought, and indeed he was true to those thoughts - for many earth years later he had progressed greatly and was too a joy to behold, dazzling and beautiful and full of gold.


31st May, 1988.